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Set up is EVERY Friday at 2pm. We assemble at the North Street Carvial Gate to the Fairgrounds. Except during the winter, when we move to the Lovestock area of the Fairgrounds. The Winter Vendors Gate is the 3rd and E Street Livestock Gate, accessing this gate from F Street. (No left turn in to the gates.)

Spaces are assigned on a first come basis. Once your get your space, you have an opertunity to reserver your space for the following week. This not only holds your "favorite selling spot" for the following week. But, you do not need to get here as early.

The vendor gate opens at 2 pm. We Open to the Public at 4 pm and run til 8 pm.

We do have a number of rules here - number one rule is that we do not allow rain on Friday. While we have been fortunate over the years. One reason we are not as affected by rain is that belive it or not... "We get less rain that they do in Los Angeles," about 8 inches every year. Many times we see the clouds carring the rain to Merced and dark clouds to the north. But, because of Los Banos's location is perfect for the rain to stop just as it leaves San Luis Resivour. The foothills to the west.ring out enough of the moisture, that help keep us as dry as we are. You are invited to check our web site's home page anytime for the most current weather info.

We move to the livestock area to keep dry on those few times it does rain in Los Banos. Rainy days or soggy ground will move us into the barns.




Click for Los Banos, California Forecast You can get your desktop link from Weather Underground OR check out the neat interface that sits in your icon box when you are not actively monitoring the weather from Ambient. Ambient uses the Weather Underground data bases, they just seem a little more accurate (despite the same data) and more resourceful.